Jumping off the Dock…..

When I entered the working world after undergrad I had no idea what I was getting myself into. Having focused more in college on fun then a career path, I left Bethlehem, PA with a psychology degree, incredible friends, great memories  and little else. Luckily, I was fortunate enough to have a family business to enter and a father who told me I could sell popsicles to women in white. So I did the obvious thing and moved to Rhode Island to sell security systems to schools and businesses. I remember at the time telling people when they asked how I was going to be successful in that unique field with no background: “well, you have to just jump off the dock; it’s the fastest way to learn how to swim”. So six years of sales later, I am about to do it again. Leave what is easy and comfortable, to tackle a big unknown. This time though, I am going after what I know I love – YOGA. This blog will chronicle my life as I build my own business around something that I think makes the world a better place. Am I scared that I don’t look the part, don’t have enough experience, and cannot (YET) pop up into all the handstand at will- absolutely. Am I weary of the hundreds of other yoga teachers in the Boston area that are so much more seasoned- sure. But everyone has to start somewhere right? You can only study for so long before you have to just do. So back to the idea of jumping off the dock. You can’t know what kind of weeds or even eels lurk below the surface, but you do it anyway. You do it because you have faith in your ability to just make it work, although it may not always be pretty. A smile and a good attitude go a long way in this world and I do believe that showing up is half the battle. So instead of wading around getting used to the water for a while, consider this a running start. I know one thing for sure: that my yoga practice has made me happier, healthier, stronger, more confident in myself and my choices, and has helped me to find peace in a hectic world. If I can build my working life around something like that!?!?! Well I sure as hell have to give it a try. I am also passionate about healthy cooking, fashion, and interior design so please expect lots of non-yoga content. Thanks for visiting!

One Comment on “Jumping off the Dock…..”

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