Is Yoga Enough?

Yoga would  be my desert island exercise, no question. Yoga makes me happy in addition to healthy. Yoga is my strength program, flexibility system, my stress manager, my shrink, my spa, and most importantly it allows me to connect with my true self. A lot of people wonder if yoga alone is a sufficient exercise program for total health. I think it completely depends on the individual’s goals and the type of yoga they practice. Here is a link that outlines the differences between the many types of yoga out there today. If you are just beginning a yoga practice, please take the time to go to a beginner’s classes to learn proper alignment and prevent the possible injuries that come with jumping into a heated power class day one. Whatever you choose, yoga is a stellar addition to any health regime.

Back to my original question. In my personal experience, my body does really well with cardio added to my fitness routine so that I have a combination of consistent cardio, strength, and flexibility training. I believe heartily in the mantra “sweat once a day” in that it implies physical activity should be a constant and prioritized area of our lives. If we are not healthy, we cannot be good friends, employees, parents, children etc. That said, the only way to  make sure you exercise consistently is to do things you love. If you are going to the gym and getting on the hamster wheel just because you think you have to, you will eventually stop, die of boredom, or start to resent the activity that is so essential to your wellbeing. When I am on a cardio machine, you can bet that I have either a juicy magazine or the latest episode of Real Housewives will be on the TV in front of me. It doesn’t matter what it is- walking outside, rocking out in a group fitness class, practicing yoga, running, tennis, whatever- just find what you actually enjoy and do it regularly. Our bodies are designed to move and the more we do it, the more we reap the benefits. Never underestimate how strongly tied our physical health and emotional health are. Taking the time to care for body will directly and immediately improve the quality of all the areas of your life. Just look at how happy I am in the picture below……and how cool my socks are.

Maine 2009

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