I am not flexible enough to do yoga…

Yoga is exploding, everywhere: NHL teams, retirement homes, pre-schools, addiction programs, and the boardroom to name a few. I strongly believe that every person  can benefit from a yoga practice, no matter what type of body they start with. If you are sitting there saying, “whatever yoga teacher, I am not flexible enough, you don’t know my body” just picture a kick-ass 8o-year old working it in a class. Or a huge football player getting as near to his toes as possible (likely not that near). The reality is that it does not matter where you are when you start, just that you come with an open mind and keep doing it once you do. Check out all of these recent articles where unlikely yogis talk about how the practice has improved the quality of their lives. These incredible people will hopefully help dispel the myth that yoga is only for thin ex-ballerinas:

And if you do make yoga a part of your life, maybe you will be as happy as this woman when you are 87:

2 Comments on “I am not flexible enough to do yoga…”

  1. Owen says:

    The Tim Thomas story is even more interesting than that article shows. Thomas did not make it as an NHl goalie until he was in his mid thirties, which is unheard of. It simply doesn’t happen. After a year and a half he started doing yoga to increase his flexibility. A year later he won the Vezina trophy which is awarded to the best goalie in the NHL and is highly coveted. Yoga did not make him an NHL goalie, but (when you see how he plays) it is clear he would not have been the best goalie in the NHL without it.

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