Food Rules: Eat Food, Mostly Plants, Not Too Much.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of flying Virgin America to San Francisco. The delightful 6-hour ride flew by, seriously. I saw the latest Harry Potter (so good), caught up on my favorite fashion mags, and read Michael Pollan’s new book – Food Rules.

I am a big fan of Mr. Pollan’s and an earlier book of his, In Defense of Food, really changed the way I think about food. Food rules is a short 136 pages long. It outlines 64 sensible rules that will help us move towards healthier habits while encouraging a resurrection of the joy food can bring us. The premise is simple: eat real, whole foods instead of the highly processed “edible food like substances” that abound in the western diet. Mostly plants, I hope this is self-explanatory. Lastly, not too much- moderation people. I think this book is a fabulous read if you are interested learning a little bit more about how diet is linked to health and therefore happiness. It is quick, based on common sense and easily digestible. Below is a sneak peak for those of you who are wonderful enough to read my blog:

  • Rule #2: “Don’t eat anything your great grandmother wouldn’t recognize as food”. Think Gogurt tubes.
  • Rule #8: “Avoid foods that make health food claims”. These first of all have to come in a box which guarantees they are processed but food marketers make health food claims to distract you from all the icky things in the food. Carrots don’t have to convince you they are good for you.
  • Rule #7: “Avoid products with ingredients a 3rd grader could not pronounce”. Picture an adorable munchkin trying to say Ethoxylated diglycerides with a lisp.
  • Rule #58: “Do all your eating at a table”. Eating should be a joyful, fulfilling experience. Eating while distracted by TV, a magazine or the like will diminish that experience. If we are going to eat, we might as well enjoy it.

The last line of the book is my favorite, Pollan cites Oscar Wilde stating, “All things in moderation, including moderation”.

Oh yes and since I flew here yesterday, I am now in Napa, California and it is beyond. Post coming soon.

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