When in Wine Country

I just spent a wonderful weekend in Yountville, CA, a quiet town halfway up the Napa Valley. While only about 6 blocks long this picturesque town is home to some of northern California’s top restaurants, tasting rooms, art galleries and it is set in a backdrop of stunning natural granduer that is hard to come by back east. If you ever have to chance to visit, check out some of the great spots below:
  • Stay: The Vintage Inn – Why? The landscaping, walking distance to the best tasting rooms & restaurants, the pool, the included breakfast, the comfy beds, the fireplaces.
  • Run: or walk, whatever your cardio style. Find a road heading north through the valley and get out of town. Before you know it you will be very confused, am I in California or Tuscany? We ran through vineyards, cows, art, hills, fields of yellow flowers, stucco, streams, green green grass.  Holy smokes. I can only imagine what my insanely talented uncle Palmer could have done out there with a camera.
  • Have dinner: Bottega – celebrity chef Michael Chiarello and his team were right there in an open kitchen and delivered an italian meal to write home about.
  • Drink: Somerset Tasting Room
  • Eat: Mustards Grill – The mushroom burger is a show stopper and I love their tag line on the front of their building: “fresh produce and way too many wines”.

This area is magical. The food, the land, the quiet, the air. Heavenly.

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