Spring Will Come

“Correct effort, without over-attachment to the goal, leads to mastery in yoga. This demands perseverance and sincerity in practice. They bring the goal near. Through non-attachment the mind is undisturbed by dejection resulting from failure or by the pride of achievement. When the means are right, the fruit comes by itself. “

I am embarrassed to say I do not know the exact source of the quote above, but let’s put that aside. This quote summarizes a very important philosophical tenant of yoga: that we need to come to our mats everyday and give it our very best effort yet not let ourselves get too attached to the end result. If one gets discouraged every time they fail, their journey to a goal will be a short one. If you are elated every time you succeed, you can fall into complacency. This idea is the same in life, and should be remembered whenever we set goals for ourselves and find the courage to go after them. Whether it is furthering your yoga practice, a new job, love, establishing positive body image, or generally improving the self we must always remember that is the journey that is important. And that it may well be a long one, so buckle up. No real change comes quickly or easily and in order to sustain improvement in our lives, we must arrive at it gradually.The tricky thing is often just sticking with the hard work part long enough.  So whether it is feeling discouraged that spring has yet to come or down because you haven’t yet achieved an important milestone for yourself,  just keep trucking. Like the wise (unknown) person above said: “when the means are right, the fruit comes by itself”. Here’s to daffodils and sunshine and birds chirping and flip-flops.

2 Comments on “Perseverance”

  1. debby kvam says:

    Alex, I will now have to alter my san francisco itinerary to include yountville.

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