My Very Favorite Design Blogs

Interior design is something I am just starting to dip my toes into. I furnished my first home (a closet at 471 sq. ft)  in 2009 and now a new apartment recently. These endeavors have sparked my interest in decor and helped me realize that finding beauty in the home is a perfectly natural extension of my love of fashion. In fact, most of my favorite design blogs cover fashion as well.  I have become a rabid reader of the eye candy that is design blogging and as I am the luckiest girl alive because one handsome guy got me a fancy little laptop for xmas, I can read my heart out.  Here are a few of my favorites, all tied to an amazing image recently pulled from their site:

5 Comments on “My Very Favorite Design Blogs”

  1. MO says:

    These are great and very inspiring – I look forward to spending quality time with them all!

  2. YogiStyle says:

    Thanks so much MO! Can’t wait to read more of your blog!

  3. Virginia Rose says:

    loving these blogs! thanks for the tips… xo

  4. sdg says:

    Thanks for listing Timeless Cool Alex….love your new blog! Very exciting!
    xx sdg

  5. YogiStyle says:

    Of course! It is one of my faves. Thanks for the kind words about the blog. xx

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