My Teacher

I consider myself incredibly lucky to have gotten to do my yoga teacher training with Natasha Rizopolous. Simply put, in my personal experience, she is the best. She has an uncanny ability to communicate very complex concepts, both physical and philosophical, in a way that is easy to digest and totally relatable to modern-day life. No matter how much I practice, when I attend her class, I come home sore. And it is not because it is a grueling practice with one chaturanga (yoga push up) after another, moving so fast through the postures that your heart threatens to jump out of your chest. It is because she insists on instructing alignment, or how you place and hold you body in the poses, in such a way that you work hard to achieve improvement every minute of class. I consider myself incredibly lucky to be able to continue to study with her.

For those of you that live in Boston, you can take a weekly class with Natasha at a wonderful studio in Newton called Down Under Yoga.

For those of you that live elsewhere, you can download home practice videos of hers from her website that range from beginner to more advanced practices. I would highly reccomend these to anyone wanting to give yoga a shot. There is no one better to teach you the basics well.

Lastly, she did a DVD series with YogaJournal that is available on amazon.

Ok enough brown-nosing for today. Have a wonderfully happy day.

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