Ode to Ikat

I am not sure where my obsession with Ikat started, but I do know it has blossomed into something fierce. So much so in fact, that I wanted the background image of my blog to be a Madeline Weinrib fabric pattern. I am not sure it was legal but I do know that I made my dear friend Owen, who being the prince he is designed this blog for the technologically incapable me, try at least 15 iterations before he finally convineced me it was just too busy. I am horrified too about how serious that run-on sentence was but I can’t change it. Anyway, I really love Ikat and think that it is such an incredibly beautiful addition to any room. It draws the eye without being too busy, adding punch and interest or perhaps as my beloved grandfather would say: “zip, zest and pizzazz”. Some examples of Ikat in rooms I love, a dress I want to twirl in, and bowls I want to eat out of.

3 Comments on “Ode to Ikat”

  1. kltoole says:

    Lovin’ the Ikat!

  2. Kaitlin says:

    I have those bowls from Anthropologie and LOVE them! I use them to store necklaces on my dresser.

  3. YogiStyle says:

    Love it! Great call on the bowls as gorgeous storage!

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