I wish I had my act together to post this on Easter but I was too busy eating candy, sorry. Those of us who live in New England know how powerful the first flowers of spring are. After a months of sunsets at 4:45 and blasts of frigid air slapping you in the face you as soon as you step out a door, those first buds are pure magic. My mother, who oozes style out of every pore (although she would loathe me to use the word ooze to describe her), always filled the house with the most gorgeous tulips in the springtime. Tulips popping up in window-boxes, gardens, or even on the side of the road when you are out for a jog. Pink, yellow, orange, white so fresh, so clean. My positive associations with this flower are endless. In honor of spring, and warm breezes and sunlight at 7 pm, here are some lovely images of tulips.

3 Comments on “Tulips”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Great post!!! Tulip flowers are not known for their longevity but cut them in the early morning while the flowers are young and still closed, they develop full color. Colors include amazing white, yellow, pink, peach, orange, red, lavender, purple and bi- colors.. you name it it in the SPRING!

  2. Anonymous says:

    That first pic looks like the Tulip Festival in Albany. Have you ever gone? It’s Mother’s Day Weekend in Albany’s Washington Park.

  3. YogiStyle says:

    The first picture is actually the Boston Garden in the springtime. Isn’t it amazing?? One of my favorite things about living here. Tulip festival sounds amazing, great idea for a road trip, thank you!

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