Palmer Davis Photography

My uber-talented uncle Palmer has just posted his new India photography series to his website and WOW!!!! The series, entitled “In the Mystical Realm of Color”, was shot on a recent trip East. I had the most difficult time picking out my favorite shots to share with you all. You can see his complete body of work on his website as well as order prints, read his bio, themes and inspiration behind this series and more. These are surely a most beautiful treat for the eyes and speaking as an owner of two prints, a magnificent addition to any home. Can you believe the colors????? 

3 Comments on “Palmer Davis Photography”

  1. Ruthie says:

    I agree – the images are to die for – thanks for sharing! xx

  2. YogiStyle says:

    TO DIE DIE DIE. Such a talented guy.

  3. Jennifer Davis says:

    The power of color, wherever it lurks or no matter what condition it’s in (faded or bright), transcends even decay to beauty. Palmer with his images portrays just that and more!

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