Fashion Monday: Sail Away with Me

I hope that everyone had a most wonderful weekend. Since I so rudely chose shameless self promotion in front of fashion last week (rude rude rude), I thought I would try to make amends by offering up a special edition Fashion Monday. I know it doesn’t have the same ring to it but I think that can be overlooked. Today up in Boston is glorious. Sunshine, 67 degrees, cherry blossoms, green everywhere you look. I feel like finally, fingers and toes crossed, we have made it to spring. In honor of summer knocking on the door, I want to focus this edition on one of my favorite, and I think most classic patterns, the nautical stripe. The sailor stripe speaks to my preppy New England roots without screaming that I define myself that way. Here are some great options to add some waterfront cocktail hour vibe to your gear.

Christian Louboutin Red Chus

Jcrew Sailor Stripe Bikini

St. James Sailor Stripe Shirt

Gryphon Sailor Stripe Mini with Sequins

One Comment on “Fashion Monday: Sail Away with Me”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Classic yarn-dyed stripes stay true and won’t fade!

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