LOVE: Yoga Journal Conference NYC

How much did I enjoy my weekend in NYC at the Yoga Journal conference? Simply put:

Yup this amazing piece was just casually getting painted on 6th avenue next to the street fair right across from my hotel. Word UP New York. Yoga Journal, the governing magazine of all things yoga, holds 4 conferences throughout the year across the country. At each, the top teachers in the world offer classes along with community driven events, meditation sessions, lectures and more. I flew in at the crack of dawn on Saturday morning arriving just in time for my first of five (2-hour each) classes. I cannot describe how powerful having thousands of passionate yogis in one place is. I had the opportunity to study with some of the best and I cannot wait to weave their teachings into my own. For the yogis out there, here is a quick run down of my sessions, the teachers name’s serve as links to their sites.

Vinne Marino: I know a girl is not supposed to pick favorites but what can I say? Based in LA at the Santa Monica YogaWorks (obviously biased), Vinnie led a challenging hip-opening flow. I thought he was kidding when he said 5 minutes in frog pose, he wasn’t and he followed that right up with double pigeon,  ghomukasana and regular pigeon. The standout here though was the music: Jefferson Airplane, Led Zeppelin, Adele, Patti Smith, Pink Floyd. Each song was beautifully sequenced with the poses so that 2 minutes into Warrior two when I wanted to collapse, Led Zeppelin rocked so strong that I found the power to hold it. Vinnie is masterful in his sequencing, tone, kindness. LOVED.

Judith Hansen Lasater: I took a restorative class with Judith, who is considered the reigning queen of restorative yoga. The session was super informative. Check out her site for recommendations on the best props out there. I loved the quote she closed class with “May you live like a lotus, at home in the muddy water”.

Ana Forrest: 2 hours of Forrest yoga at 8 am will sure wake you up. Ana started us with an insane core sequence, had us upside down early on, and held poses for what seemed life forever. What struck me most about this famous teacher, was the way she integrated challenge and kindness. She pushed us so hard but did so with a bit of laughter in her voice which somehow made it less painful. I do prefer a flow yoga but this was a great experience.

Seane Corn:Is another YogaWorks teacher who led us through a practice themed by symbolism in yoga. I love her sequencing (surprise surprise) but was  a bit turned off by her lengthy discussion of God. I love the philosophy of yoga, it has opened me up to spirituality in a way that I had never known before, but this was a bit much for me. Seane does do incredible things in the world, check out her non-profit Off the Mat, Into the World.

Rod Stryker: My last class was with meditation teacher Rod Stryker. unfortunately I had to sneak out a little early (rude) to catch my train home but I really enjoyed my time in class. My meditation practice is consistent but I would love to learn more about how to enhance it. This guy could definitely help me there. Fun fact I learned while looking Rod up today for some meditation tips online, he as once married to Cheryl Teig. 

Oh and PS, I got to sneak out for a quick glass of wine with my God  Mother and wickedly amazing mastermind behind  Ruthie Davis. After drinks we stopped by her apartment to visit their puppies and I just have to share her shoe closet with you all:

Isn’t that INSANE? I snuck out a pair of shoes and bag from her latest season for a impromptu (read I’ve had two glasses of wine) photo-op:

One Comment on “LOVE: Yoga Journal Conference NYC”

  1. Ruthie says:

    Talk about a fabulous looking Yogi Fashionista!! Seeing you was awesome!!! love xx

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