Compass Green: A Mobile Greenhouse Project

What do you get when you take two friends, a mobile greenhouse truck run on renewable energy, and a desire to improve their world through sustainable farming? Well, Compass Green of Course. My mother  alerted me to this very cool duo, Nick and Justin, who are teaching people about sustainable agriculture and alternative energy sources by driving the classroom right to them! Targeting schools, universities, summer camps, markets and the like, the friends are making growing your own food approachable to the masses. What a great thing, and, how cute is the truck? Learn more about Compass Green here.

One Comment on “Compass Green: A Mobile Greenhouse Project”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for sharing. Sustainable living is a lifestyle. What is just as important is sustainable mariculture. Today, there’s a major threat to the stability of our marine aquatic ecosystems. That’s right whales, dolphins, sharks and fish..

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