Fashion Friday: Shipley & Halmos

I stumbled across this brand at Barneys the other day and immediately fell in love. I picked up the wonderful dress below from their line. The picture does not do it justice. The dress is a white and lavender striped silk play on a men’s shirt that has a delicate feminine touch in the ruffles on the sides and a nice short front. Lots of leg people.

When I got home and visited their site, I found the award-winning designers of Sam Shipley and Jeff Halmos to be very interesting gentleman. These two friends, who met in college their freshman year at UC Boulder, have been partners ever since. After starting a line or two, they created Shipley & Halmos. Their tags read:

What an vibrant company mission, right there in every piece they sell! Check out these NYC based designers on their website and also a blog that features hand drawn sketches. Here are a few of my other favorite looks, happy Fashion Friday!!!

One Comment on “Fashion Friday: Shipley & Halmos”

  1. Aunt Jenny says:

    Love the Designer Discovery! Love Fashion Friday!!

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