Greg and I spent Memorial Day weekend on  Nantucket. While we did not really partake in the huge party that is Figawi, we had the best time. Great food, great friends, bike riding, beach and of course, some shopping. Here is another picture review of the trip. Happy hump day and June.

Stayed at the Carlisle B&B on North Water St in town

Oh to call one of those porches mine.....

Great lunch at the Boardinghouse

Although the service was brutally bad as we were seated on this gorgeous but remote basement room

We spent our days riding (and getting sunburned on) these guys

Cocktails on the lawn at the Wauwinet. Pinnacle.

My first 7-course tasting menu was insane.

All in all an amazing trip and now I am happily settled back in Boston for June. The end.

4 Comments on “Nantucket”

  1. Ingrid Wax says:

    Love these pics – looks like such a great weekend!!!!

  2. Ruthie says:

    You too are so adorable and I love the little window into your fabulous weekend…Did you go to Darcy’s store? xx

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