Fashion Friday: Keep it Classic San Diego

My mom loves catalogs and we have always gotten a ton at the house. Now when I go home, I love perusing them over coffee before the rest of the house has gotten up. When I was a kid living on Mountain Spring Road, my favorite catalog of the month was always Jcrew. I know I know, how much more Farmington, CT can I get but hey, it’s where I come from! How I loved those clothes and the models, how effortlessly cool they always looked pairing mismatched prints and colors and looking fabulous. 15 years later and not a whole lot has changed, I still get a lot of great staples at Jcrew. These days they have added a “collection” line to their offerings. Whenever I am on the website, my eye is always immediately drawn to these pieces only to have my hopes dashed when I see the price tag. But I love them none the less and for this weeks fashion Friday, here are my favesies:




2 Comments on “Fashion Friday: Keep it Classic San Diego”

  1. Ingrid Wax says:

    Those pink shorts are so you!! With a white tee! Go for it! xoxoxo

    • debby kvam says:

      Alex and Ingrid……. I so agree. I only discovered leaving this memo by accident. I really tried calling you to say you have to get pink ( I thought) skirt AND denim shirt. Mom

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