Tim Thomas Does Yoga

Last night was big in Boston, or so I hear. While I can see the Garden from my apartment, I cannot claim to be a big hockey fan. But Boston sure is a hockey town and last night the energy was electric. When the Bruins won the Stanley cup for the first time since 1972, I am sure there were a lot of drunken tears of joy flowing in this great city. Tim Thomas is a pretty big deal on the Bruins. I hear that Shaquille O’neal and  LeBron James have a few things to contribute to their teams as well. What do these three smarties have in common? Yoga is an integral part of their training routine. Next time you think that “you are not flexible enough” to do yoga, think about the muscles on these guys… do they seem loosey-goosey to you? When you think, “it is not enough of a workout” watch the video below to hear a professional athlete say how he was sweating in the first five minutes of practice and had no idea how he would make it through an hour. See more from Tim Thomas here.. CONGRAUTLATIONS to the B’s. Namaste.

Frog Pose Anyone?

Low Lunge?



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