Fashion Friday: Rain Gear

It’s been wet and soggy this week in Boston. Last night I went to dinner with friends at a new Asian spot called the Red Lantern in a rain boot/long skirt combo. The hostess was even kind enough to say she thought she saw a similar look in the Ralph Lauren store last year. Now that is service.  There is no question that everyone needs a good raincoat for days like today. In my dreams, one of these would be my jacket:

Burberry Long Cotton Trench Coat

Tahari Lexi (ahem name) Ruffle Front Jacket

Moncler Palliser Cinched Utility Raincoat

But in reality, I am working with either this:

Barbour Beadnell

Or this:

Patagonia Women's Rain Trench

Both keep me warm and dry. What is your favorite rain gear? Happy Friday!

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