Big Sky

Sorry for the dissapearing act folks but I was away for the 4th and clearly don’t have it together enough to pre-write all my posts. The Curto/Kvamo clan went west for the holiday, Big Sky Montana to be exact. I have only been once in high school and I must say, the land blew my mind. It is big and grand and dramatic and majestic. Days were packed to the gills with events, go go go. The air up there is thin I must say and the altitude got to me a bit but no bigs.  We ate, drank and were merry. I feel so happy and thankful to have such a great family to go on adventures with. XO to you all, you guys rock and I love you.

It took us 27 hours to get there but a night at the W in downtown Minneapolis eased the pain. Reccomendation: don't miss your flight to a rural airport on a holiday weekend.

Buck T-4's was amazing. I will re-create the yellow watermelon, spanish cheese, arugula and onion salad ASAP.

Went to the wolf and bear habitat on the way to Yellowstone. The grizzleys were monstrous but how cute is this little guy cat nappin?

My new friend. Anything to look smaller then your picture companion.

What could I possibly say to do this justice? Yellowstone.

A bit too much to drink? Perhaps.

Nothing says vacation like family tee shirts.

Wyatt Hurts never expected Ingrid.

The 4th at the Ennis, MT rodeo. The sun was hot, beers cold, cheeseburgers doubles.

Who's that cowboy?

Mamma Bear.

Best view in Big Sky.

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