Not so sweet no more

I am not a big fan of diets. I spent way too many years thinking that some diet or another would fix all the problems in my life, often problems not related to food or weight. The thing about a diet is you are dramatically changing the way you eat in a way that is not sustainable over time. They are restrictive, guilt and self-hatred inducing things that rarely work. I have found that tying my emotions to the success or failure of diet related weight gain or loss is a recipe for a big FAIL. You are bound to feel happy, than sad, than happy again and food should not have this type of power over people. All of that said, I do not think life should be one big free pizza, cupcake, ice cream, bread and cheese/butter free for all. Those are my favorite foods by the way. Putting superficial appearance aside, such a life would wreak havoc on your health which is the most important thing that we can actually control as humans. Without your health you have nothing. I digress. While I don’t like diets, I do believe in working towards being the healthiest version of yourself because physical health ¬†promotes mental health – read happiness. I believe that the only way to make lasting changes with regards to your eating habits is to tackle the bad ones one at a time. Instead of trying a massive overhaul, i.e. I am giving up carbohydrates, why not shift your intention to limiting refined carbs and eating more whole grains? Instead of going vegan tomorrow, try meatless Mondays. Want to run a marathon, start with a mile. Setting small, achievable goals has helped me as I try to move towards a healthy diet. Which brings me to the point of all this. My biggest vices are sweets. I can always talk myself into some coconut ice cream at the end of the day because didn’t I run an extra mile and it is not dairy anyway. Well Alexandra, it is still sugar and fat and you just cancelled out the benefits of your run (strictly from a weight management perspective). When I dine out, isn’t it a special occasion worthy of desert? Not always young lady. I know some of you are thinking, DUH, but it is my bad habit and I must own it. So for me, my next pet project is to limit dessert to once a week for the next month. We will see what happens and what shifts. Maybe my weight, maybe my emotional attachment to sweets, maybe nothing. Whatever it is, can’t hurt right?

Probably pretty close to my natural color hair circa 2008. Happy bachlorette Sierra.

One Comment on “Not so sweet no more”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I am not a big fan of diets either but a big fan of you….

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