Green Mountain Getaway

This past weekend my honey and I spent a couple of days in heaven, The Windham Hill Inn. A magical place with such beauty, seclusion, and welcoming service.You feel like you own the most perfect of country homes complete with a 4-start chef and 160 acres of lush, green wild hills. The inn sits 2 1/2 hours north of Boston making it totally reasonable for a 2-day jaunt.

The Main House.

Interior of the White Barn Annex. All original woodwork.

The ski house.

The gardens were wild, chaotic and perfectly in order.


Gorgeous 4-mile trail right out the front door. Capped it off with a dip in the pool, in our hiking clothes.

I couldn't resist. James Dean enjoying a deck cocktail.

I cannot say enough good things about this place. Totally unpretentious. Cell phones didn’t work (GOLD STAR). Vermont cheese and wine hour daily. A definite do.

2 Comments on “Green Mountain Getaway”

  1. Jennifer Davis says:

    Hiking, swimming, dining, wining in the full of summer in a gorgous, natural spot…. all with your honey?! How does it get better than that?! Sooooooo happy for you both :)<3

  2. YogiStyle says:

    Thanks Jen! Love ya!

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