Exhale Core Fusion

I have a new fitness obsession. For the past year or so it really has just been yoga as my strength and flexibility training paired with various cardio activities like running and the elliptical. While yoga will always be my desert island exercise, in the interest of mixing it up, I have found a new way to improve strength and flexibility at Exhale Spa in Boston. Their proprietary CoreFusion classes utilize your own body weight, a ballet bar, and light dumbbells paired with very high repetitions to systematically strengthen your arms, legs, butt ,and core. The high repetitions increase muscle stamina and endurance which in turn increase your standing metabolic rate i.e. how many calories you burn while not working out. Another genius aspect of this workout is that directly after exhausting a certain muscle group, they immediately stretch it so that your muscles become both long and strong. There is a cardio element as well as you  are moving quickly from one exercise to the next. I defiantly break a sweat and am more often than not sore the next day. The backdrop is bumpin’ tunes and the instructors are amazing. Classes fly by. Highly recommend. Check it out here. No wonder it was recently voted Best of Boston. XO

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