Fall Wish List

With September right around the corner, I have started to compile my fall wish list. This year it is going to be more of a “wish” list than ever but hey, I can still dream right. Not that I want to rush the dog days of summer but I am looking forward to cool September nights. This first item is my #1 wish and also the biggest longshot. Leave it up to my ever so glamorous mother to have already snapped up a pair. Will I ever be as cool as she is? 28 years of trying and counting…..

Vince Leather Leggings - Rock-star, elegant, and slimming. Win win win.

Ruthie Davis- Pony hair and studs? Perfection.

Burberry- Maybe I should just call a spade a spade and admit that I want to be a rock star for fall.

Emerson Made- A mod british rock star.

One Comment on “Fall Wish List”

  1. Anonymous says:

    How about the Vince leather belt with sateen jacket too?

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