Jonathan Adler & A Visit

Last weekend I was lucky enough to get a visit from one of my favorite gals, my cousin Virginia Rose. She is such a cool lady. Even though I am 3 years her senior I have always looked up to her in a way as I so admire her smarts, style, kindness, ambition, artistic flair and genuine timeless cool. Here we are long ago and not so long ago:

Us in silver & gold . You try to top that dress I am wearing. Dare ya.


Did I mention she is crazy gorgeous too?

We had such a lovely day brunching and strolling the Back Bay. About halfway down Newbury Street we popped in to the Jonathan Adler store because apparently we are now old enough to care about interior design. I must live under a rock and had no idea it was there. So fun. I love his chevron and zebra rugs, letter pillows, asian accent chairs and overall popage of color. Here are some of my favorite rooms he has designed.

Curtains. Rug. Throw. White Chairs.


I heart books forever

One Comment on “Jonathan Adler & A Visit”

  1. Sdg says:

    Love the pics….especially of you girls!

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