YogaSource Boston: Feeling Great is Good Business™

I am extremely proud to announce the launch of my new company, YogaSource Boston, a professional services organization that brings the finest yoga teachers in Boston directly to local businesses looking to improve company performance through enhanced employee wellness.

The benefits of yoga at work include: decreased healthcare costs, reduced employee stress, absenteeism, and attrition paired with increased company appeal, job satisfaction, and employee productivity.

YogaSource Boston brings the power of preventive wellness right to client companies, offering busy employees a time efficient and complete mind/body workout. As a professional organization specializing only in the corporate market, YSB delivers premiere teaching talent as we maintain a staff of rigorously screened; tenured teachers who will make sure employees leave each class healthier, happier and ready to perform. Our clients manage their yoga programs with on-demand software that makes administration simple. They also have access to internal marketing assistance through weekly wellness e-mails and discount yoga products with free delivery. Our goal is to give clients and their employees everything they need to start a regular yoga practice that is time-efficient and effective.

I am so thankful to be working with an incredible team of teachers who are all leaders in the Boston yoga community and rock classes at studios like Back Bay Yoga, Exhale, Sweat and Soul Yoga, and Prana Power Yoga. Karen Fabian, Amanda Califano, and Caitlyn Graham are the starting team and all 3 bring the magic.

Please visit our WEBSITE to learn more about them as individuals as well as the services we offer, benefits or workplace yoga, and the unique value of YogaSource Boston. If you are a social bird, please like us on FACEBOOK and follow us on TWITTER. Both places will be great resources for the latest yoga and wellness news.

If you or anyone you know is interested in learning more about us and how we can bring yoga to your place of work, please send me a note at or call (617) 337-5883. I deeply appreciate any and all leads and support.

So folks, that is why my posting has been so terribly spotty these past few months as I have been working hard to prepare for this launch. I have never had as much fun professionally and cannot wait to share more as the business grows. A million, gazillion, triple dog trillion thanks to my family, friends, and a certain love who have given me more support and encouragement then a girl could dream of.

4 Comments on “YogaSource Boston: Feeling Great is Good Business™”

  1. nik says:

    bonkers little sis!!!!! sending so much congratulatory love!! xxxxxxxx

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thanks Big sis! You are too kind xoxo

  3. Anonymous says:

    You go you Chief Yoga Officer!!!

  4. Ash says:

    Alexandra I am so proud of you! Cheers to the start of something wonderful and successful!

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