The Zebra Rug

I really only began to have the slightest interest in interior design when I bought my first home in 2009. I should clarify, by home I mean 471 sq ft condo. Suddenly, I had a place where my Bob’s discount furniture couch (come on down) and college dorm room leftovers were not going to cut it. Accordingly, I am still trying to pinpoint my sense of style in this arena. As I dream about having a home and unlimted finances to decorate it wtih, I am going to focus my next few posts on the elements that I KNOW I love. First up, the zebra rug.

I'll take the clothes too. If I must.

Don't spill your Saturday morning coffee.

One Comment on “The Zebra Rug”

  1. Anonymous says:

    you wont spill your Saturday morning coffee, with a Keurig’s single cup

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