For The Little Ballerina In All Of Us

A little ditty I always tell people: for a period of time when I was a very young girl, in the dead of winter, I insisted on wearing only a pink bathing suite and pink tutu. Everywhere, to everything. To be completely honest, I am not sure if this is one of those anecdotes I imagined at some point long ago and have told over the years because I think it makes me sound cute or if it actually happened.  In honor of that real or factious period of my life, I bring you all TULLE for the grown up. I got started thinking about how a black, below the knee high-waisted tulle skirt would be the most fab base for a holiday party time outfit. I then discovered all these other magical variations and now crave tulle in varying lengths and multiple colors. How have I lived so long without it? Happy fashion Friday, to the little girl spinning in circles with her arms over her head…… just like a real ballerina.

ps – back to my favorite design elements on Monday xx

I would add a shirt but keep the pearls for sure.

I can't even. It's too perfect.



I cannot believe how much I love refined with the chunky knit here. The sparkly yet utilitarian heel???

One Comment on “For The Little Ballerina In All Of Us”

  1. Anonymous says:

    so pretty!!

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