The Lucite Coffee Table

Mixing classic and modern elements is something I know I love. What better a way to anchor a rich strong sofa (next post)? How better to display gorgeous coffee table books and hot pink peonies then a fab lucite coffee table?

On a zebra rug. What A Coincidence.

Couch, blanket, floors, rug? DYING.

This one is my favorite. Please don't cost a million dollars. Must find.

Bonus: easy clean up for red wine spills.

One Comment on “The Lucite Coffee Table”

  1. Jennifer says:

    Good evening Alexandra. My name is Jennifer. I have never in my life written anything on a blog but I have been looking for the first Lucite table that is posted on this page (the table with the dividers, leaves and the pink peonies on it with the zebra rug) since you first posted it in 2011. Please, please where is this table from? I have been looking and I want to buy it. My husband is even looking for me.

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