Fashion Crush: Jenna Lyons

Jenna Lyons heads up the fashion company that I have loved the longest- JCrew. I wore their tapered light jeans and plaid shirts in the 6th grade. I wanted to live inside the catalog for as long as I can remember. Jenna has recently been making headlines with a high-profile divorce and rumored lesbian rebound relationship. That sure can’t be easy, poor buddy. One thing that is not up for debate is the fact that this girl has MAD style. Gorgeous, high-low, sequins and knit, cool, tall, drink of brunette so svelte that she rocks nerd glasses like they were the most obvious accessory in the world. I love love love her aesthetic, both in fashion and interior design. The first image is my all time fav – anyone want to donate a floor length feather skirt and boyfriend cashmere v-neck sweater??? Happy Friday loves.

One Comment on “Fashion Crush: Jenna Lyons”

  1. Palmer Davis says:

    I agree. I love her effortless, but emphatic, bohemian, eccentric, eternal, inimitable style!

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