It is that time of year

Today is my most special person’s birthday (happy birthday honey). Today is the eve of the Christmas holiday. Today is a day the YogaSource Boston HQ is closed (kind of). Today the christmas tree is twinkling, The Avett Brother’s are playing on iTunes, and my favorite candle is burning. There is a wonderful calm quiet to the house this morning. Today there will be baking and birthday dinners and YOGA and packing for the holidays. Maybe even a nap. Or two.

Today is a day of celebration. I cannot even put into words how grateful I feel for the love that I have in my life, for having met my soul’s mate. For the success of my young business. For the family I am going to get to see tomorrow and their unwavering support of all my endeavors. For all of the amazing things that have happened this year. I can honestly say, in this moment of reflection, that I have never been happier. More content in my daily life, sure of who I am,  and more hopeful for the future.

I hope that everyone has a most special holiday cherishing their time with family, friends and loved ones. Merry Christmas to all. x

2 Comments on “It is that time of year”

  1. Anonymous says:

    love this – crying! and happy birthday to your hunny!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Made me smile

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