New Year’s Resolution

The new year is quickly approaching. As I wonder about what my honey has planned to celebrate, I have been thinking a lot about resolutions. I am a strong believer in making small, manageable behavior tweaks to improve overall wellness and therefore happiness. In fact, I do it a lot throughout the year. I am sure it can be annoying for my friends and family as I throw out: I am not drinking this month, or it is a vegan month, or I am going to meditate every day. But the reality is that by tackling one small goal at a time and placing a time limit on your endeavor, you are greatly increasing your chances of success. And so what if you don’t keep up with it always. You can take what serves you and makes sense for your life moving forward in totality or in moderation. Change is important in health. When we stop changing or stop striving for the best version of ourselves we stop growing and limit our potential. So why not pick one thing, or a few that you want to tackle. Do it for a month, see what happens. You never know what might be a whole lot easier then you think.

I digress. Just for fun, here are 2 of my resolutions for the amazing new year that will soon be here:

1. Be more easy going understanding that not everyone plans the way that I do.

2. 21 Day Vegan Kickstart Challenge – really cool program! Check it out here:


2 Comments on “New Year’s Resolution”

  1. kltoole says:

    So well put, my friend. XOXO, you are always inspiring!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Surprises are nice! Especially gifts or an evening out on the town!

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