Little Lady In The Big City

I am at the end of a very quick trip to NYC, sitting in the lobby of my lovely hotel as I write this. I came to town to meet with potential teachers for a large client that we are doing yoga for at all of their US offices, starting with Boston and NYC. I was very lucky to meet with some fabulous teachers yesterday and found one that is going to be killer as she represents YogaSource Boston in NYC. Check out Marisa Sako She is amazing and I am so excited to have her on the team. Who wants to join me on her Italy retreat this summer? Yes please and thank you.

After a long day of meetings I had to take advantage of the amazing upscale vegetarian dining options here. Boston, get on the bandwagon for goodness sake! Candle 79 on 79th &  Lex is absolutely beyond. Carnivores would drool. I had the most delectable 3 course meal while sitting at the bar and people watching. This place brazenly crushes the idea that you need meat and dairy to have an incredible meal. Perhaps the head chef would like to come cook for me daily? Kicking myself for not buying the cookbook.

The final piece of the pie of course is the hotel. I found the Sofitel on Jetsetter and got a great rate at this fanciful french retreat. The service was amazing, the flower arrangements to die and yes, I just thoroughly enjoyed a bit of the chocolate croissant that come free with your french press cafe. I mean it’s basically like I am in France right so it’s ok to have chocolate for breakfast?

Heading back to Boston in a few. Very very very excited to keynote the women’s leadership retreat at the Babson Center for Women’s Entrepreneurial Leadership tonight. Wish me luck xx

One Comment on “Little Lady In The Big City”

  1. That’s amazing!! Congrats!

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