The Best Tank Ever

About a month ago I was walking in the Back Bay and happened upon the James Pearse Flagship store on Newbury and Arlington. I did a quick double take thinking WHAT? When did this move in??? I quickly scampered but the big cement steps and was suddenly transported to SoCal as I entered the cool, tranquil oasis. The store is clean and fresh, a white backdrop frames large, organic wooden furniture pieces. A million perfect cotton pieces are perfectly lined up, each in only a few key colors. I am majorly smitten. I splurged by picking up a few of his classic, long jersey tanks. I cannot tell you what a life changer these things are. A bit pricey but the fit, the fabric…. oh my. They are long and snug without feeling tight and the straps cover bra straps without adjustment. I have been wearing them non-stop ever since. Under suits, with jeans, NON stop. These puppies will be a staple for years to come no doubt.


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