Garden Girls

Yesterday I had the distinct pleasure of spending a mother/daughter day in Boston with the Mamacita. Not only was fabulous to spend some QT with my #1 Mom but it was also a pristine 70 degrees and sunny for the first time in what feels like centuries. To ice the cake we got to hang in my old neighborhood of Beacon Hill. I tell you, that perfect slice of the city still holds a big place in my heart. Yesterday it was in all its glory. We were there to tour private Beacon Hill residential gardens. For one day we were allowed behind the brick walls that line the idyllic cobblestone streets. While the gardens were lovely, I must say the flower boxes of Beacon Hill seriously rival these swanky private gardens. Do the Grande Dames of The Hill have an unofficial contest every year to see who can create the most breathtaking sidewalk accessory? I wonder what the prize is. Here are some of my favorite images from the day.

One Comment on “Garden Girls”

  1. Ash says:

    omg…i wanted to go to that with MY mom…. I want to hear more about it!!

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