Garden Girls

Yesterday I had the distinct pleasure of spending a mother/daughter day in Boston with the Mamacita. Not only was fabulous to spend some QT with my #1 Mom but it was also a pristine 70 degrees and sunny for the first time in what feels like centuries. To ice the cake we got to hang in my old neighborhood of Beacon Hill. I tell you, that perfect slice of the city still holds a big place in my heart. Yesterday it was in all its glory. We were there to tour private Beacon Hill residential gardens. For one day we were allowed behind the brick walls that line the idyllic cobblestone streets. While the gardens were lovely, I must say the flower boxes of Beacon Hill seriously rival these swanky private gardens. Do the Grande Dames of The Hill have an unofficial contest every year to see who can create the most breathtaking sidewalk accessory? I wonder what the prize is. Here are some of my favorite images from the day.

Sunshine, Daffodils, And Light Evening Hours

I just cannot get over the weather we have been having in Boston. Did I miss something? Did I move to So Cal and forget it? Wait no, I will not question, just embrace, embrace, embrace this incredible early spring. This weekend I went for the most amazing long walk through the city. It is one of my favorite things about city living, be outside with so many strangers and all sharing in the joy of sun on your skin. Kids are laughing, dogs are barking, picnic blankets are spread and the flowers are gracing the Garden with their beauty. Hello spring/summer 2012. Some of my favorite things for the coming season. So fresh, so clean. This girl will definitely be in white before Memorial Day, try and stop me.


Society Social

I have been meaning to post about this brand for a while after becoming a huge fan of the founder Roxy’s blog. This woman is charming, stylish, lighthearted and positive while clearly managing serious business edge. She started as the “bar cart lady” bringing back the classic festivity that prompts visions of summertime pool parties in 1960’s suburbia. She has since launched into chairs, tables, custom upholstery , cocktail rings and pillows. She keeps it simple with classic styles, prices her pieces reasonably, and gives her buyer a chance to customize the designs with a multitude of color choices. Loving it all the way around. A few weeks ago I bit the bullet and ordered two of her pillows after a year long search for the perfect puff pieces for my white sectional. When they arrived yesterday, surpassing all expectations and instigating a full blown apartment redecoration session, I knew I had to post immediately. The pillows are gorg, great quality and I can’t tell you how much I love them. Check out Society Social and My Cup Of Te, you will not be dissapointed. Some of my favorites…….

Our New Pillows.

One of her signature bar carts - The Madison.


Too much??? I think not.


Day 2

Jonathan Adler Zig Zag Throw

Fashion Crush: Jenna Lyons

Jenna Lyons heads up the fashion company that I have loved the longest-¬†JCrew. I wore their tapered light jeans and plaid shirts in the 6th grade. I wanted to live inside the catalog for as long as I can remember. Jenna has recently been making headlines with a high-profile divorce and rumored lesbian rebound relationship. That sure can’t be easy, poor buddy. One thing that is not up for debate is the fact that this girl has MAD style. Gorgeous, high-low, sequins and knit, cool, tall, drink of brunette so svelte that she rocks nerd glasses like they were the most obvious accessory in the world. I love love love her aesthetic, both in fashion and interior design. The first image is my all time fav – anyone want to donate a floor length feather skirt and boyfriend cashmere v-neck sweater??? Happy Friday loves.

The Velvet Couch

This element will add glamour, luxury, and richness to my make believe future home. I dream of this in a navy blue or grey but just for fun (and for the sake of getting to see stacked Hermes boxes) here are a few other options:

The Lucite Coffee Table

Mixing classic and modern elements is something I know I love. What better a way to anchor a rich strong sofa (next post)? How better to display gorgeous coffee table books and hot pink peonies then a fab lucite coffee table?

On a zebra rug. What A Coincidence.

Couch, blanket, floors, rug? DYING.

This one is my favorite. Please don't cost a million dollars. Must find.

Bonus: easy clean up for red wine spills.

The Zebra Rug

I really only began to have the slightest interest in interior design when I bought my first home in 2009. I should clarify, by home I mean 471 sq ft condo. Suddenly, I had a place where my Bob’s discount furniture couch (come on down) and college dorm room leftovers were not going to cut it. Accordingly, I am still trying to pinpoint my sense of style in this arena. As I dream about having a home and unlimted finances to decorate it wtih, I am going to focus my next few posts on the elements that I KNOW I love. First up, the zebra rug.

I'll take the clothes too. If I must.

Don't spill your Saturday morning coffee.

Merrick Jewels

I just love that this incredible Texas based designer calls her goods Jewels. They really are. She is blowing up bigtime, all the besties are sold out on her site. Should I move to Tejas to get access to retail stores??? At least it would validate my cowboy boot collection…..


Elle Decor – Small Space, Huge Gorgeous

This room is in a 1200 square foot apartment. An inspiring reminder to this city dweller that you do not have to wait until you have a house to make your home Gorg.