Fashion Crush: Jenna Lyons

Jenna Lyons heads up the fashion company that I have loved the longest- JCrew. I wore their tapered light jeans and plaid shirts in the 6th grade. I wanted to live inside the catalog for as long as I can remember. Jenna has recently been making headlines with a high-profile divorce and rumored lesbian rebound relationship. That sure can’t be easy, poor buddy. One thing that is not up for debate is the fact that this girl has MAD style. Gorgeous, high-low, sequins and knit, cool, tall, drink of brunette so svelte that she rocks nerd glasses like they were the most obvious accessory in the world. I love love love her aesthetic, both in fashion and interior design. The first image is my all time fav – anyone want to donate a floor length feather skirt and boyfriend cashmere v-neck sweater??? Happy Friday loves.

Hermes For VANS?

I stole this image from the amazing Ruthie Davis’s Tumblr feed. What do you guys think? Can the magic of the Hermes scarf make the iconic skater shoe of the early 90’s fabulous? A perplexing fashion Friday….

For The Little Ballerina In All Of Us

A little ditty I always tell people: for a period of time when I was a very young girl, in the dead of winter, I insisted on wearing only a pink bathing suite and pink tutu. Everywhere, to everything. To be completely honest, I am not sure if this is one of those anecdotes I imagined at some point long ago and have told over the years because I think it makes me sound cute or if it actually happened.  In honor of that real or factious period of my life, I bring you all TULLE for the grown up. I got started thinking about how a black, below the knee high-waisted tulle skirt would be the most fab base for a holiday party time outfit. I then discovered all these other magical variations and now crave tulle in varying lengths and multiple colors. How have I lived so long without it? Happy fashion Friday, to the little girl spinning in circles with her arms over her head…… just like a real ballerina.

ps – back to my favorite design elements on Monday xx

I would add a shirt but keep the pearls for sure.

I can't even. It's too perfect.



I cannot believe how much I love refined with the chunky knit here. The sparkly yet utilitarian heel???

Fashion Friday: All Saints Spitafields

All Saints opened their Boston store on Newbury Street last fall but it wasn’t until a week ago that I really bonded with it. This was a browsing only visit during a Sunday afternoon window shopping trip with my friend Caitlin. This brand is bananas. It is just the right combination of edgy and femine, hard and soft. Lux cashmere in a large gage chunky knit, a structured coat that flows just capey enough. So while I wait for fall 2011 to come on sale, here are some of my fav picks. Happy Friday, have a fashionable weekend!!!

This skirt paired w/ the above sweater? I mean come ON!







Fashion Friday: Rain Gear

It’s been wet and soggy this week in Boston. Last night I went to dinner with friends at a new Asian spot called the Red Lantern in a rain boot/long skirt combo. The hostess was even kind enough to say she thought she saw a similar look in the Ralph Lauren store last year. Now that is service.  There is no question that everyone needs a good raincoat for days like today. In my dreams, one of these would be my jacket:

Burberry Long Cotton Trench Coat

Tahari Lexi (ahem name) Ruffle Front Jacket

Moncler Palliser Cinched Utility Raincoat

But in reality, I am working with either this:

Barbour Beadnell

Or this:

Patagonia Women's Rain Trench

Both keep me warm and dry. What is your favorite rain gear? Happy Friday!

Fashion Friday: Keep it Classic San Diego

My mom loves catalogs and we have always gotten a ton at the house. Now when I go home, I love perusing them over coffee before the rest of the house has gotten up. When I was a kid living on Mountain Spring Road, my favorite catalog of the month was always Jcrew. I know I know, how much more Farmington, CT can I get but hey, it’s where I come from! How I loved those clothes and the models, how effortlessly cool they always looked pairing mismatched prints and colors and looking fabulous. 15 years later and not a whole lot has changed, I still get a lot of great staples at Jcrew. These days they have added a “collection” line to their offerings. Whenever I am on the website, my eye is always immediately drawn to these pieces only to have my hopes dashed when I see the price tag. But I love them none the less and for this weeks fashion Friday, here are my favesies:




Fashion Friday: Shipley & Halmos

I stumbled across this brand at Barneys the other day and immediately fell in love. I picked up the wonderful dress below from their line. The picture does not do it justice. The dress is a white and lavender striped silk play on a men’s shirt that has a delicate feminine touch in the ruffles on the sides and a nice short front. Lots of leg people.

When I got home and visited their site, I found the award-winning designers of Sam Shipley and Jeff Halmos to be very interesting gentleman. These two friends, who met in college their freshman year at UC Boulder, have been partners ever since. After starting a line or two, they created Shipley & Halmos. Their tags read:

What an vibrant company mission, right there in every piece they sell! Check out these NYC based designers on their website and also a blog that features hand drawn sketches. Here are a few of my other favorite looks, happy Fashion Friday!!!

Kuyban: Gorgeous Meets Goodness

For this fashion Friday I want to highlight a stellar brand. Kuyban is a line of loafers that are not only lovely but they are manufactured in a way that is kind and honorable. As this Elle blog post states: they are saving the world one loafer at time. While that claim may be a bit lofty, there is no question that these hand-stiched beauties are helping the single-mothers in Colombia that support large families who get to work from home in making them. The company has also partnered with Innocence in Danger, an association that supports sexually abused children in Colombia. So not only do they do good and look good but word is that they are incredibly comfortable as well. Below are some of my faves, check out their site for more info. Happy Friday! xx

Fashion Friday: EmersonMade

What do this adorable puppy…..

this beautiful blouse…..

and this little guy have in common?

They are all part of the magical world of EmersonMade. I first read about this husband and wife team on the awesome blog Elements of Style. Through thorough stalking of their site and blog, I surmise that this duo lives on a farm, often travels to the big city and foreign lands, call the cutest animals their pets, design and sell an gorgeously classic clothes, and the wife is the model to boot. Pretty darn cool if you ask me. The pieces are reasonably priced and most are staples. Check out their website & blog. Personally I lust after the items below, now will only someone buy them for me? Happy Friday! xx

Fashion Monday: Sail Away with Me

I hope that everyone had a most wonderful weekend. Since I so rudely chose shameless self promotion in front of fashion last week (rude rude rude), I thought I would try to make amends by offering up a special edition Fashion Monday. I know it doesn’t have the same ring to it but I think that can be overlooked. Today up in Boston is glorious. Sunshine, 67 degrees, cherry blossoms, green everywhere you look. I feel like finally, fingers and toes crossed, we have made it to spring. In honor of summer knocking on the door, I want to focus this edition on one of my favorite, and I think most classic patterns, the nautical stripe. The sailor stripe speaks to my preppy New England roots without screaming that I define myself that way. Here are some great options to add some waterfront cocktail hour vibe to your gear.

Christian Louboutin Red Chus

Jcrew Sailor Stripe Bikini

St. James Sailor Stripe Shirt

Gryphon Sailor Stripe Mini with Sequins