Fashion Friday: The Wedge

A good wedge is really the perfect storm. You get all of the leg-lengthening, model confidence inducing height you want but in a good wedge, you are also stable, secure, and relatively painless. Height + walkability (technical term) = love and the ability to strut fearlessly. Summer is prime-time wedge-time with espadrilles, cork wedges and wooden platforms all with fabulous pops of color everywhere. Here are some of my favorites for the coming season. Combine a pair of these with dramatic shades and the outfit in between won’t even matter. Happy Friday!!! xx

Fashion Friday: Ruthie Davis

Allow me to preface this post by admitting that it is a blatent attempt to make myself look cool by association. That said, my godmother and aunt, Ruthie Davis, is the dazzling mastermind behind an incredible line of shoes and handbags called Ruthie Davis. Before we jump into the details, let’s let the Spring/Summer 2011 collection speak for itself:

Do I have your attention now??? Founded in 2006 this line has secured loyal followers like Beyonce, Lady Gaga, J Lo (is that what she is going by these days?), Kim Kardashian, Naomi Campbell, the list goes on and on. Top retailers like Bloomies, Nieman Marcus and Kitson LA realize how exciting, fresh, and different this line is. Who could say no to hot pink/yellow/green/blue outsoles? The shoes are made in Italy and the quality of constuction makes the sky high show-stoppers surprisingly comfortable to walk in for those who are used to a heel. As the lone woman designer/owner competing in a male-dominted market (think Louboutin, Choo, Pierre Hardy, Manolo Blahnik) she kicks some conventional ass or “junk in the trunk” as she cheekily says in this great clip from E! News. Long story short, I could not be more obsessed with Davis. Find out more about Ruthie and where you can buy her shoes on her website or check out her blog where she gives cool behind the scenes look at the life of a fashion designer.

Oh and for the yogis out there, look under the “girls in their ruthies” section of her website for a shot of me trying to make her skyscraper heels work with a lulu outfit.

Happy Friday!!!

Fashion Friday: Sheridan French

Happy Fashion Friday! I stumbled upon Sheridan French through one of my favorite blogs, Elements of Style. Sheridan French is a Texas-based designer and mom who had created an incredible line. She pairs simple, classic silhouettes with vibrant colors and patterns. The result is fresh, exciting and makes me  dream of wearing a piece to a BBQ in summer with big shades, great shoes and a lot of laughter. I need to get my hands on one of these:

I am also a huge fan of the designers personal blog. For more details on her line, check out her website. Have a great weekend everyone! xx

Fashion Friday: Spotlight on Theory

So when I went on my trip to California last week I was on shopping restriction. I usually take this self-imposed state pretty seriously. I made it through Napa and most of San Fran. Alas, my resolve wavered in a major way when I walked past the Theory store in San Francisco on my last day there. I usually think of this brand as a huge section of dark, often business wear focused items, grouped together in the rear of a high-end department store. This beautifully laid out showroom however was dazzling with pops of color and had an entire wall covered with their spring look book. The cuts were simple and very flattering, the staff friendly and welcoming. I couldn’t resist. Above are my five favorites from the store pulled from their website. Can you guess what I bought???? All these lovely things can be found in more detail on Theory’s website. Happy Friday!!!

Fashion Friday: Spotlight on TIBI

When it comes to dresses, I think TIBI has it figured out. From keeping a maxi dress delicate and feminine to nailing a perfect classic shift, the spring/summer 2011 has it all. All of these goodies can be snatched up here. xx

Fashion Fridays

I have a serious lust for fashion. I love me some shoes, bags, and gorgeous clothes. What can I say, beautiful things are joyful. Unfortunately, my shopping habit is going to be one of the first things that has to change with my new career choice due to serious budget constraints. But a girl can always look right? Enter, “Fashion Fridays” !!! Each Friday I will be featuring my most favorite goodies from around the World Wide Web for your viewing pleasure. Welcome to the very first fashion Friday……