Yes, It Is THAT Amazing

Ruthie Davis Dr. Spike Mini.

For the Girl With Who Loves The Stacked Wrist

John Hardy Bamboo Bangles

Day 5: Everyday I’m Shufflin….

For those of you in a position to straight up ball out this season, I introduce you to the Moncler Alpin. Don’t you kind of wish it came in navy?


Day 4

The Ultimate Ballet Flat – EVAH!!!!!



Day 3, Part Deux

I couldn’t resist posting for those of you that love a bargain, who doesn’t? This gem is currently 1/2 off on AND they have a 30% discount on top with FREE shipping. This skirt is so beautiful, so classic. And no, it is not just for springtime. Toodles.

Day 3

JCrew MaCalister Bootie

5 Days of Christmas

I know I have been a terribly delinquent blogger these past few weeks. Please forgive. While still strapped for time, let us have some fun this week with some quickie posts highlighting some of my favorite goodies for the season. Some of my picks for those special ladies in your lives.


Hermes For VANS?

I stole this image from the amazing Ruthie Davis’s Tumblr feed. What do you guys think? Can the magic of the Hermes scarf make the iconic skater shoe of the early 90’s fabulous? A perplexing fashion Friday….

For The Little Ballerina In All Of Us

A little ditty I always tell people: for a period of time when I was a very young girl, in the dead of winter, I insisted on wearing only a pink bathing suite and pink tutu. Everywhere, to everything. To be completely honest, I am not sure if this is one of those anecdotes I imagined at some point long ago and have told over the years because I think it makes me sound cute or if it actually happened.  In honor of that real or factious period of my life, I bring you all TULLE for the grown up. I got started thinking about how a black, below the knee high-waisted tulle skirt would be the most fab base for a holiday party time outfit. I then discovered all these other magical variations and now crave tulle in varying lengths and multiple colors. How have I lived so long without it? Happy fashion Friday, to the little girl spinning in circles with her arms over her head…… just like a real ballerina.

ps – back to my favorite design elements on Monday xx

I would add a shirt but keep the pearls for sure.

I can't even. It's too perfect.



I cannot believe how much I love refined with the chunky knit here. The sparkly yet utilitarian heel???

A little sparkle

I am loving these pumps from JCrew, big time. They look so comfortable and would add just the right amount of jazz to any holiday ensemble. Is it too early to say xmas list, wink wink, secret santa, just saying?

A little strip of patent never hurt no one.

Size 9. Bigfoot.

With black skinnies and a crisp fresh white men's shirt?