Summer Starts

While the weather was only fully on board a couple of days, last weekend started my summer. I hope it never ends.Image





Island Bound

“So many nights I just dream of the ocean

God I wish I were sailing again

Oh, yesterdays over my shoulder

So I can’t look backward for too long

There is just too much to see waiting in front of me

And I know now that I juts can’t go wrong.”

Jimmy Buffett, 1977 Changes In Latitude, Changes In Attitude

Little Lady In The Big City

I am at the end of a very quick trip to NYC, sitting in the lobby of my lovely hotel as I write this. I came to town to meet with potential teachers for a large client that we are doing yoga for at all of their US offices, starting with Boston and NYC. I was very lucky to meet with some fabulous teachers yesterday and found one that is going to be killer as she represents YogaSource Boston in NYC. Check out Marisa Sako She is amazing and I am so excited to have her on the team. Who wants to join me on her Italy retreat this summer? Yes please and thank you.

After a long day of meetings I had to take advantage of the amazing upscale vegetarian dining options here. Boston, get on the bandwagon for goodness sake! Candle 79 on 79th &  Lex is absolutely beyond. Carnivores would drool. I had the most delectable 3 course meal while sitting at the bar and people watching. This place brazenly crushes the idea that you need meat and dairy to have an incredible meal. Perhaps the head chef would like to come cook for me daily? Kicking myself for not buying the cookbook.

The final piece of the pie of course is the hotel. I found the Sofitel on Jetsetter and got a great rate at this fanciful french retreat. The service was amazing, the flower arrangements to die and yes, I just thoroughly enjoyed a bit of the chocolate croissant that come free with your french press cafe. I mean it’s basically like I am in France right so it’s ok to have chocolate for breakfast?

Heading back to Boston in a few. Very very very excited to keynote the women’s leadership retreat at the Babson Center for Women’s Entrepreneurial Leadership tonight. Wish me luck xx

Off Season: Part Duex – Menemsha Edition

Final Sunset.


No off season for these guys.


The Day Ends In Menemsha

Green Mountain Getaway

This past weekend my honey and I spent a couple of days in heaven, The Windham Hill Inn. A magical place with such beauty, seclusion, and welcoming service.You feel like you own the most perfect of country homes complete with a 4-start chef and 160 acres of lush, green wild hills. The inn sits 2 1/2 hours north of Boston making it totally reasonable for a 2-day jaunt.

The Main House.

Interior of the White Barn Annex. All original woodwork.

The ski house.

The gardens were wild, chaotic and perfectly in order.


Gorgeous 4-mile trail right out the front door. Capped it off with a dip in the pool, in our hiking clothes.

I couldn't resist. James Dean enjoying a deck cocktail.

I cannot say enough good things about this place. Totally unpretentious. Cell phones didn’t work (GOLD STAR). Vermont cheese and wine hour daily. A definite do.

Big Sky

Sorry for the dissapearing act folks but I was away for the 4th and clearly don’t have it together enough to pre-write all my posts. The Curto/Kvamo clan went west for the holiday, Big Sky Montana to be exact. I have only been once in high school and I must say, the land blew my mind. It is big and grand and dramatic and majestic. Days were packed to the gills with events, go go go. The air up there is thin I must say and the altitude got to me a bit but no bigs.  We ate, drank and were merry. I feel so happy and thankful to have such a great family to go on adventures with. XO to you all, you guys rock and I love you.

It took us 27 hours to get there but a night at the W in downtown Minneapolis eased the pain. Reccomendation: don't miss your flight to a rural airport on a holiday weekend.

Buck T-4's was amazing. I will re-create the yellow watermelon, spanish cheese, arugula and onion salad ASAP.

Went to the wolf and bear habitat on the way to Yellowstone. The grizzleys were monstrous but how cute is this little guy cat nappin?

My new friend. Anything to look smaller then your picture companion.

What could I possibly say to do this justice? Yellowstone.

A bit too much to drink? Perhaps.

Nothing says vacation like family tee shirts.

Wyatt Hurts never expected Ingrid.

The 4th at the Ennis, MT rodeo. The sun was hot, beers cold, cheeseburgers doubles.

Who's that cowboy?

Mamma Bear.

Best view in Big Sky.

Big Sky Bound

Tomorrow I am headed west to Big Sky Montana to spend the 4th of July with most of my family. We will ride, fish, hike, rodeo (from the bleachers), and celebrate being together. Stay tuned for details upon my return the middle of next week. I hope everyone has a wonderful 4th of July full of laughter and sun. I leave you with some images from the famous Double RL Ranch in Telluride, CO because in my imagination, I am headed somewhere like this:


Greg and I spent Memorial Day weekend on  Nantucket. While we did not really partake in the huge party that is Figawi, we had the best time. Great food, great friends, bike riding, beach and of course, some shopping. Here is another picture review of the trip. Happy hump day and June.

Stayed at the Carlisle B&B on North Water St in town

Oh to call one of those porches mine.....

Great lunch at the Boardinghouse

Although the service was brutally bad as we were seated on this gorgeous but remote basement room

We spent our days riding (and getting sunburned on) these guys

Cocktails on the lawn at the Wauwinet. Pinnacle.

My first 7-course tasting menu was insane.

All in all an amazing trip and now I am happily settled back in Boston for June. The end.

Walk for Your Wine

Wouldn't you love to be this guy?

My friend Ted and I have two great loves in common:  country music and red wine. It happened to be Ted’s birthday yesterday and that prompted me to pull out a book he gave me a few months ago called “Wines of the World, Complete Wine Course”. He also gives me country CD’s that showcase the country legands that are no longer on the pop-country radio station that I have programmed as #1 in my car. I’m not ashamed. Anyway this book is a big one, chock full of great information for the novice wine drinker. My favorite quote and one I wholeheartedly believe is the author’s response to the question: “How do you know if a wine is good or not?”. Kevin Zraly defines a good wine as one that you enjoy. Bravo. I must admit I did not have the time to delve too deep into this encyclopedia of wine, but it did get me thinking about an article my sister sent me the other day.

In Oregon, there is a new trend popping up called “Wiking”. Can you guess? These geniuses have combo’ed two of my favorite things: drinking wine and hiking. Can you imagine how heavenly? To have a good long day of physical activity and moving meditation in the along the Rogue River in southern Oregon wine country followed by a gourmet meal and wine tasting. AMAZING. There seem to be a number of outfits offering such excursions ranging from a day trip to a week-long adventure. While a full week might be a bit much for me, I could definitely get into THIS 4-DAY TOUR. These folks affirm that red wine is a joyful part of any healthy lifestyle, in moderation of course. 

Island Love

Greg and I had the most amazing weekend on Martha’s Vineyard this past weekend. Instead of accosting you all with a never-ending slew of overly positive adjectives, I am going to tell you about the weekend through photos.

We stayed here. LOVED.

The view from our porch

Yoga at the Yoga Barn in Chilmark

A beach day in May? Saturday afternoon at Lucy Vincent

Quick yoga photo shoot

Saw this cool barn on an evening cocktail walk through the Menemsha Hills.

Dinner at State Road Restaurant

Passed these guys on our Sunday morning run on North Road

The Texaco gas dock my mom worked at the summer she was 15

Threw a line in at the bite

It was the perfect weekend. THE END.