You Know Who You Are.


Summer Starts

While the weather was only fully on board a couple of days, last weekend started my summer. I hope it never ends.Image





Shit Yogis Say

Please excuse the bad word in the title, this one is worth it. Happy New Year!


Apparently my memory is quite accurate. No wonder I am so drawn to this look. From the Mamacita herself, in response to this morning’s post…..

“Honey,  Just for the record………….  you only wore bathing suits and tutus or just bathing suits year round for several years.  You did concede to wear tights with your rig in the winter!!  xx”

The Tale of the Wild Turkey Pack

Once upon a time, on a magical island 7 miles off the coast of Cape Cod, lived a pack of wild turkeys. During the summer they were forced to keep to the woods to avoid the hordes of people who descended upon their home. After Labor day, they reclaimed their home and their freedom. Their days consisted of roaming over their lands, eating tics and other tiny creatures. Travelling in a large group, with plumage galore, they ruled their roost.

And then one day in October, two HUMANS came to their home and simply would NOT leave. So they chased those pesky humans, squawked at them, blocked their car as they tried to get to the house, sat in the trees over the driveway to stare with a hairy eyeball. They stalked the humans, came onto their porch and chased them up the road. Finally one day, about a week later, they left. Phew. Peace and quiet was restored to their island kingdom.

My Favorite Summer Salad

I was reprimanded by my best friend this morning while out on our run about my lack of postings as of late. I know I know. The truth is that it has been a very busy start to the month with some exciting new things in the works. It has reminded me that it is often when we get really busy that our healthy habits are the first thing to go. Sure it is easy to go to that extra yoga class and make some fresh juice when you are working 4 hours a day but not so when work gets bigger. So perhaps you commit to maintaining the most basic of heathy habits: eating whole foods. Below is my favorite salad of the week, loaded with fiber and protein and sweetness.

Favorite Summer Salad for One

2-3 Cups of your favorite greens (I use pre washed organic Olivia’s to save time)

2 Tbsp Chopped Sweet Yellow Onion

1/2 Apple Chopped

1/4 Pepper Chopped

2 Tbsp Cashews Chopped

2 Tbs Pumpkin Seeds

The Easiest go-to Vinaigrette:

1 Tbsp Olive Oil

1 Tsp Each of Maple Syrup, Mustard and Soy Sauce

1 1/2 Tsp Balsamic


Happy Memorial Day!

Memorial Day 2010, Sedona Arizona