Aurthur’s Amazing Tale

When I tell people what I do for a living, about 35% say the same thing: I am not flexible enough to do yoga. Spend a few minutes and meet Aurthur. He is incredibly inspiring and his story highlights just how powerful this transformational practice can be. Flexibility is clearly not a requirement.

WANTED: Summer Intern

Calling all yoga loving, entrepreneurial spirited, passionate future business leaders……I am excited to report that YogaSource Boston is looking to hire a stellar intern for summer 2012. See below for the formal job description. If you or anyone  you know might be interested, please send a resume to

YogaSource Boston – Summer Internship 2012, Assistant To Chief Yoga Officer

YogaSource Boston is seeking an energetic, detail-oriented, and highly organized Summer Intern who will serve as Assistant to the Chief Yoga Officer & Founder. This person will support company leadership in all key business functions to foster rapid growth. The Intern will be responsible for increasing the company’s presence on all major social media channels; creation of marketing materials and campaigns; crafting, designing, and copy-editing the monthly wellness e-mail; management of day-to-day client service; and new business lead research. We’re looking for someone who is passionate about wellness and bringing health and stress relief to busy professionals. The environment is fast paced and ever changing and this person will be working closely with the company founder.

This internship will be a paid, part-time position of 20 hours per week that begins on June 4th and lasts through late summer. There is an opportunity for more hours based on performance. The company is headquartered in the exciting Seaport District of Boston with easy access to mass transportation.

Qualifications & Competencies

▪       Demonstrated ability to take initiative, problem-solve, and self-direct one’s workflow

▪       Excellent communication skills (verbal and written), with the ability to professionally represent YogaSource Boston to all constituents

▪       High level of interpersonal maturity and poise, including grace under pressure

▪       Experience managing social media tools (e.g., Facebook and Twitter)

▪       Experience creating marketing materials and campaigns

▪       Experience with Excel, PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, Google Applications and

To Apply

Please send a cover letter and resume to

Hey Yoga Girl……



New Classes

I am pleased to report that I have added to classes to my public schedule and would love it if you could join me for one!

For the early birds-

Charlestown Yoga

191 Main Street, Charlestown, MA

Mondays 6:30-7:30 am

For those on the North Shore –

B Yoga Center

537 Main Street, Melrose, MA

Wednesdays 7:15-8:30 pm



Tim Thomas Does Yoga

Last night was big in Boston, or so I hear. While I can see the Garden from my apartment, I cannot claim to be a big hockey fan. But Boston sure is a hockey town and last night the energy was electric. When the Bruins won the Stanley cup for the first time since 1972, I am sure there were a lot of drunken tears of joy flowing in this great city. Tim Thomas is a pretty big deal on the Bruins. I hear that Shaquille O’neal and  LeBron James have a few things to contribute to their teams as well. What do these three smarties have in common? Yoga is an integral part of their training routine. Next time you think that “you are not flexible enough” to do yoga, think about the muscles on these guys… do they seem loosey-goosey to you? When you think, “it is not enough of a workout” watch the video below to hear a professional athlete say how he was sweating in the first five minutes of practice and had no idea how he would make it through an hour. See more from Tim Thomas here.. CONGRAUTLATIONS to the B’s. Namaste.

Frog Pose Anyone?

Low Lunge?



LOVE: Yoga Journal Conference NYC

How much did I enjoy my weekend in NYC at the Yoga Journal conference? Simply put:

Yup this amazing piece was just casually getting painted on 6th avenue next to the street fair right across from my hotel. Word UP New York. Yoga Journal, the governing magazine of all things yoga, holds 4 conferences throughout the year across the country. At each, the top teachers in the world offer classes along with community driven events, meditation sessions, lectures and more. I flew in at the crack of dawn on Saturday morning arriving just in time for my first of five (2-hour each) classes. I cannot describe how powerful having thousands of passionate yogis in one place is. I had the opportunity to study with some of the best and I cannot wait to weave their teachings into my own. For the yogis out there, here is a quick run down of my sessions, the teachers name’s serve as links to their sites.

Vinne Marino: I know a girl is not supposed to pick favorites but what can I say? Based in LA at the Santa Monica YogaWorks (obviously biased), Vinnie led a challenging hip-opening flow. I thought he was kidding when he said 5 minutes in frog pose, he wasn’t and he followed that right up with double pigeon,  ghomukasana and regular pigeon. The standout here though was the music: Jefferson Airplane, Led Zeppelin, Adele, Patti Smith, Pink Floyd. Each song was beautifully sequenced with the poses so that 2 minutes into Warrior two when I wanted to collapse, Led Zeppelin rocked so strong that I found the power to hold it. Vinnie is masterful in his sequencing, tone, kindness. LOVED.

Judith Hansen Lasater: I took a restorative class with Judith, who is considered the reigning queen of restorative yoga. The session was super informative. Check out her site for recommendations on the best props out there. I loved the quote she closed class with “May you live like a lotus, at home in the muddy water”.

Ana Forrest: 2 hours of Forrest yoga at 8 am will sure wake you up. Ana started us with an insane core sequence, had us upside down early on, and held poses for what seemed life forever. What struck me most about this famous teacher, was the way she integrated challenge and kindness. She pushed us so hard but did so with a bit of laughter in her voice which somehow made it less painful. I do prefer a flow yoga but this was a great experience.

Seane Corn:Is another YogaWorks teacher who led us through a practice themed by symbolism in yoga. I love her sequencing (surprise surprise) but was  a bit turned off by her lengthy discussion of God. I love the philosophy of yoga, it has opened me up to spirituality in a way that I had never known before, but this was a bit much for me. Seane does do incredible things in the world, check out her non-profit Off the Mat, Into the World.

Rod Stryker: My last class was with meditation teacher Rod Stryker. unfortunately I had to sneak out a little early (rude) to catch my train home but I really enjoyed my time in class. My meditation practice is consistent but I would love to learn more about how to enhance it. This guy could definitely help me there. Fun fact I learned while looking Rod up today for some meditation tips online, he as once married to Cheryl Teig. 

Oh and PS, I got to sneak out for a quick glass of wine with my God  Mother and wickedly amazing mastermind behind  Ruthie Davis. After drinks we stopped by her apartment to visit their puppies and I just have to share her shoe closet with you all:

Isn’t that INSANE? I snuck out a pair of shoes and bag from her latest season for a impromptu (read I’ve had two glasses of wine) photo-op:

We interrupt this regularly scheduled Fashion Friday…..

By we I mean me and the interruption is for the sole purpose of shameless self-promotion. What can I say? My sense of tact went down the tubes on day two of my old new business gig at Forrester. Making 40 cold calls per day to IT executives who have little interest in speaking with you, while trying to sell a product that may as well be astrophysics formulas for all you understand of it,  will do it. Anywho, I have finally amassed enough of a regular teaching schedule to put it out there for those of you who are in the Boston area. I would love for you to come to any class and promise to give lots of extra attention and love to my blog buddies. Shoot me a comment if you have questions, I would love to hear from you. Happy Friday!


  • 7-8 pm Vinyasa Flow, Beacon HIll Athletic Club Newton *members only*


  • 6-7 pm Vinyasa Flow, Waterfront Dock Yoga in the Charlestown Navy Yard


Newsflash: YOGA!

Flying through the air with the greatest of ease??? Anti-gravity yoga gains popularity

Start ’em young, toddler yoga  

Yoga bringing peace to inmates in India’s roughest prison 

The Ari Gold of yoga

Yoga instead of pills for depression

Newsflash: YOGA!

Seeing as most of you probably do not have the time to spend on the world wide web stalking all things yoga that I do, I thought I would bring you some interesting news bites in one neat little package. Below are 5 links that highlight some great upcoming events, read-worthy articles and health tips around my favorite subject. Happy reading and let me know if you want to see more on any of these subjects or other yoga related goodies in the future!

Meditation slows the aging process

India works to prevent yoga patents

5 Everyday keys to good health. What Eastern and Western medicne can agree on.

Amazing yoga fundraiser in Boston, supports non-profit bringing free yoga to under privileged women in the Boston area.

Music & Yoga Under the Stars, 4-day festival throw down in VT. Patchouli not necessary.

Check The Site

How does a girl decide she loves blogs enough to begin one of her own? Well she reads a whole bunch of them, duh. No that is not me , but what a cute kid and hopefully  the shot signifies that I have been reading blogs for a while. Sorry, that was quite a stretch, thanks for humoring me. Anywho when I started to get serious about yoga and I craved any information I could find on the subject, blogs became my go to resource. There is such a large wealth of information out there in this format and it is so easy to consume. I thought I would share some of my very favorite sources of juice when it comes to all things yoga. In no particular order here they are,  happy reading!