What A Difference A Year Makes

Today is a moment for reflection. It is my birthday. It is also the day, 1 year ago exactly, that I left my corporate life to follow my passion for yoga. I remember on this day last year, feeling so incredibly grateful. I had just started this blog. You can see the post from that day here and my very first post detailing why I was making the life change here. I was so grateful, brimming with the excited energy  that comes with major changes and raring to go. When I left Forrester, my intention was to teach yoga. Just that. I thought I had found my calling, what I was going to do with the rest of my life. It didn’t take too long though before I started to miss business. This is a story I tell in pretty much every sales call I go on now. How my it was the combination of business experience and passion that created  YogaSource Boston. Because yoga alone wasn’t right and just business without deep love for your product wasn’t enough, but together it is perfect. I decided to start my company on August 7th of last year. It was the biggest risk I have really ever taken: putting myself out there, completely vulnerable, MBA-less…alone. But I just did it, figuring the worst case scenario was failure and I knew while not ideal, that I could handle that. Slowly, surely, with the support of my amazing family, friends, and my beloved, I built something. Something that I am really proud of and makes me very happy, very fulfilled. On this birthday, I am about to take office space, am planning to grow the team beyond my 16 amazing teachers to folks that can help grow the business and am proud to serve a client roster of 22 companies.

The point of this musing I suppose is that BOY, what a difference a year makes. Sometimes we get caught up with what we will do in the future, down the road. Better job, graduate degree, redecorate the house, make more of an effort with siblings. Maybe we will get to all those things in a few years, next year, I’ll do it next year. But what this year has taught me is to just do it, man. Do it now, do it now. Why wait? You can accomplish so  much if you start taking baby steps in the right direction. Work slowly, steadily and you will find yourself with something significant in a shorter time then you could imagine.

Just do it. Life is too short to live in a place where you are not chasing happiness.

My Favorite Blogs

There are a few blogs that I visit every day. No matter what is going on I make time to check in with these ladies. Their content is original, voices clear, layouts inviting and their coverage is perfectly aligned with my favorite things. They share glimpses of lives that I admire. And God bless them, they post regularly (working on that myself). I know you will love them too:

Sous Style

Cupcakes and Cashmere

Elements Of Style

The Love List

Southern Ecletic

My Cup Of Te

Timeless Cool

Emerson’s Journal

Spike City

Today while on a quick trip to NYC to kick off a yoga class for a client, I had just enough time to zip down and visit my fairy godmother in her new showroom in West Chelsea. If you have not heard the name Ruthie Davis, please come out from under your cozy little rock because it is warm and sunny out and there is an insane brand you are missing. Shoes, handbags, and now incredible sneakers all handmade in Italy. I am talking the factory that creates Chanel and Prada people. Good, good stuff with a genius designer at the helm. For the girl who wants to transmit elegant, strong, classic high fashion and sexy as hell to the world around her. As I sit on the Acela writing this, I am wearing my brand new kicks which are sure to be true staples whether paired with black skinnies and a crisp white tee or my new favorite shift dress. Check our Ruthie, I dare ya.

For the girl who loves to walk tough.

The bag is on order.

I dream of booties.

Sunshine, Daffodils, And Light Evening Hours

I just cannot get over the weather we have been having in Boston. Did I miss something? Did I move to So Cal and forget it? Wait no, I will not question, just embrace, embrace, embrace this incredible early spring. This weekend I went for the most amazing long walk through the city. It is one of my favorite things about city living, be outside with so many strangers and all sharing in the joy of sun on your skin. Kids are laughing, dogs are barking, picnic blankets are spread and the flowers are gracing the Garden with their beauty. Hello spring/summer 2012. Some of my favorite things for the coming season. So fresh, so clean. This girl will definitely be in white before Memorial Day, try and stop me.


Society Social

I have been meaning to post about this brand for a while after becoming a huge fan of the founder Roxy’s blog. This woman is charming, stylish, lighthearted and positive while clearly managing serious business edge. She started as the “bar cart lady” bringing back the classic festivity that prompts visions of summertime pool parties in 1960’s suburbia. She has since launched into chairs, tables, custom upholstery , cocktail rings and pillows. She keeps it simple with classic styles, prices her pieces reasonably, and gives her buyer a chance to customize the designs with a multitude of color choices. Loving it all the way around. A few weeks ago I bit the bullet and ordered two of her pillows after a year long search for the perfect puff pieces for my white sectional. When they arrived yesterday, surpassing all expectations and instigating a full blown apartment redecoration session, I knew I had to post immediately. The pillows are gorg, great quality and I can’t tell you how much I love them. Check out Society Social and My Cup Of Te, you will not be dissapointed. Some of my favorites…….

Our New Pillows.

One of her signature bar carts - The Madison.


Too much??? I think not.


Shark Attack

Madly, madly in love. Christian, you have done it again.

Positive Psychology

Good morning all. I am deeply inspired by this video. The speaker touches on the power of positive psychology and the importance of choosing happiness now. Choosing to feel fulfilled today. Check it out if you have 12 minutes to spare today. A fantastic message as we start the week.

My Horse Is On Edge

Little Lady In The Big City

I am at the end of a very quick trip to NYC, sitting in the lobby of my lovely hotel as I write this. I came to town to meet with potential teachers for a large client that we are doing yoga for at all of their US offices, starting with Boston and NYC. I was very lucky to meet with some fabulous teachers yesterday and found one that is going to be killer as she represents YogaSource Boston in NYC. Check out Marisa Sako She is amazing and I am so excited to have her on the team. Who wants to join me on her Italy retreat this summer? Yes please and thank you.

After a long day of meetings I had to take advantage of the amazing upscale vegetarian dining options here. Boston, get on the bandwagon for goodness sake! Candle 79 on 79th &  Lex is absolutely beyond. Carnivores would drool. I had the most delectable 3 course meal while sitting at the bar and people watching. This place brazenly crushes the idea that you need meat and dairy to have an incredible meal. Perhaps the head chef would like to come cook for me daily? Kicking myself for not buying the cookbook.

The final piece of the pie of course is the hotel. I found the Sofitel on Jetsetter and got a great rate at this fanciful french retreat. The service was amazing, the flower arrangements to die and yes, I just thoroughly enjoyed a bit of the chocolate croissant that come free with your french press cafe. I mean it’s basically like I am in France right so it’s ok to have chocolate for breakfast?

Heading back to Boston in a few. Very very very excited to keynote the women’s leadership retreat at the Babson Center for Women’s Entrepreneurial Leadership tonight. Wish me luck xx

Babson Center For Women’s Entrepreneurial Leadership: YOGAWOMAN Boston Event

Love yoga? Interested in the way that women’s leadership is igniting a yogic revolution? Please save the date for a most wonderful event hosted by the Babson Center For Women’s Entrepreneurial Leadership: Empowered by Mind, Body, and Soul: How Women are Transforming the Yoga Industry. I am absolutely delighted to be participating in this celebration of women’s leadership and yoga. Don’t miss the chance to take class with the iconic Lynne Bergier, founder of Back Bay Yoga and Sweat and Soul Yoga, followed by a panel discussion on the business of yoga and a screening of the documentary YOGAWOMAN. This event is open to the public and FREE. If you are in the Boston area, please join, it is going to be a fabulous event. Here are the deets peeps:

Tuesday, March 13, 2012 5:00 – 8:00 p.m.

 Yoga originated in ancient India where it was designed for, and predominately practiced by, men. Today, over 85% of people that practice yoga are women. Women have transformed yoga into a global industry, taking it to the mainstream as an empowerment practice to balance the mind, body, and soul.

Empowered by Mind, Body, and Soul: How Women are Transforming the Yoga Industry offers the unique opportunity to learn more about how woman have shaped the modern-day yoga industry. This multi-faceted event will examine the complexities of the practice, the business and art of yoga, featuring a complimentary yoga class and a panel session featuring local yoga thought-leaders and entrepreneurs, and culminating with a film screening of the recent documentary YOGAWOMAN.

Yoga as Practice –The Glavin Family Chapel: 5:00-5:45 p.m. 

Kick off the event with yoga in practice! This complimentary yoga class will be led by Lynne Begier, founder of the famed Back Bay Yoga Studio in Boston. The class will take place in The Glavin Family Chapel, overlooking Babson’s pristine campus. Bring your own mat, or use one of ours.

Yoga as Business, Panel Session- Olin Auditorium: 6:00-6:45 p.m.

Yoga is one of the few industries that has expanded since the recession, currently valued at $6 billion dollars. Join us for an evening with yoga’s thought leaders and entrepreneurs, Karissa Azonabor, Regional Manager of lululemon athletica, Lynne Begier, Founder of Back Bay Yoga Studio, and Alexandra Curtiss, Chief Yoga Officer of YogaSource Boston, to explore the business of yoga, and how and why women are driving the growth of this booming industry. Babson’s Professor Danna Greenberg, author of The New Entrepreneurial Leader, will moderate the panel.

 A Screening of the Acclaimed Documentary YOGAWOMAN- Olin Auditorium: 7:00 – 8:30 p.m.

This documentary takes you on a tour around the world to hear from the generation of women who are leading the yoga movement. They’re strong, they’re inspiring, and they’re radically changing peoples’ lives. From Manhattan to Kenya, YOGAWOMAN uncovers the ways that women have changed the face of yoga forever.