Summer Staples

If you could get two things for summer, what would they be? These are mine – both are JCrew.



These shorties in Navy. See below for shorts in real life.

The Boots

Christian Louboutin. They are like a piece of modern art. Perfect aligned with my two main wardrobe drivers of black and white. Long skirts, short skirts, LBD’s, skinnies. Sass and edge and statement without too much too much.


The Best Tank Ever

About a month ago I was walking in the Back Bay and happened upon the James Pearse Flagship store on Newbury and Arlington. I did a quick double take thinking WHAT? When did this move in??? I quickly scampered but the big cement steps and was suddenly transported to SoCal as I entered the cool, tranquil oasis. The store is clean and fresh, a white backdrop frames large, organic wooden furniture pieces. A million perfect cotton pieces are perfectly lined up, each in only a few key colors. I am majorly smitten. I splurged by picking up a few of his classic, long jersey tanks. I cannot tell you what a life changer these things are. A bit pricey but the fit, the fabric…. oh my. They are long and snug without feeling tight and the straps cover bra straps without adjustment. I have been wearing them non-stop ever since. Under suits, with jeans, NON stop. These puppies will be a staple for years to come no doubt.


Spike City

Today while on a quick trip to NYC to kick off a yoga class for a client, I had just enough time to zip down and visit my fairy godmother in her new showroom in West Chelsea. If you have not heard the name Ruthie Davis, please come out from under your cozy little rock because it is warm and sunny out and there is an insane brand you are missing. Shoes, handbags, and now incredible sneakers all handmade in Italy. I am talking the factory that creates Chanel and Prada people. Good, good stuff with a genius designer at the helm. For the girl who wants to transmit elegant, strong, classic high fashion and sexy as hell to the world around her. As I sit on the Acela writing this, I am wearing my brand new kicks which are sure to be true staples whether paired with black skinnies and a crisp white tee or my new favorite shift dress. Check our Ruthie, I dare ya.

For the girl who loves to walk tough.

The bag is on order.

I dream of booties.

Sunshine, Daffodils, And Light Evening Hours

I just cannot get over the weather we have been having in Boston. Did I miss something? Did I move to So Cal and forget it? Wait no, I will not question, just embrace, embrace, embrace this incredible early spring. This weekend I went for the most amazing long walk through the city. It is one of my favorite things about city living, be outside with so many strangers and all sharing in the joy of sun on your skin. Kids are laughing, dogs are barking, picnic blankets are spread and the flowers are gracing the Garden with their beauty. Hello spring/summer 2012. Some of my favorite things for the coming season. So fresh, so clean. This girl will definitely be in white before Memorial Day, try and stop me.


Shark Attack

Madly, madly in love. Christian, you have done it again.

My Horse Is On Edge

Fashion Friday: Silk Is Smooth

I simply cannot get enough of silk this season. It is not a fabric that I have gravitated towards in the past but am currently enamored. So simply elegant, comfortable, effortlessly snazzy. Here are my current favorite pieces that  add a touch or refinement without even trying. Now if only I had those Vince or Helmut Lang leather leggings to pair with the striped number…..

7th Grade Here I Come

Does this little gem look familiar to anybody? Perhaps you gave it to your bestie of the week for a cool birthday gift during the 1995-1996 school year? Well I am pleased to report that this puppy is on its way to me and I plan on shunning my traditional Wicked in favor of this classico for the remainder of the winter. Bizarre to get so excited about a bottle of nail polish? Perhaps.

Hadley can I get an Amen?


I know I have been MIA and for that I am both happy and sad. Sad because I love blogging and miss it when there is no time. Happy because there has not been time due to the fact that my business has been growing so fast it is all I can do to keep up. I am humbled by it’s young success and feel like I am living a dream everyday. However my bubble was burst today when my mother, who can magically make me do just about anything, told me I must post if for no other reason then to get the word Sh** off the homepage. That she could not stand visiting the page one more time to be so rudely accosted with such an improper word. As usual, the woman is right.

So today my friends I bring you Stella. Which BTW is the future name of my fictitious first daughter so DIBS family, friends and loved ones. Nothing like a little cyber bullying to get your way. But in the interest of slowing the heck down, today the signifigance of Stella is nothing other then my newest obsession: Stella McCartney handbags. I lust after these things big time and when an investment bag is again an option, one of these will be the first to join the team.